Friday, March 27, 2015


My name is Daisy! If Chuck asks, you haven't seen me!
It happened again…. There was a little itty bitty tiny Chihuahua at my Mom’s work. The little creature was being carried around like a Princess, even going so far as to hide herself in people’s clothing. This is completely outrageous. I am the only Chihuahua allowed to be pampered and oohed and awwwed over. I am afraid that I am going to have to do something drastic: like hire armed guards to keep out the unwanted Chihuahua visitors.  I am thinking that a few Rottweilers and maybe a German Shepard or two might do the trick. I wonder how much they will charge me to keep out the rif-raf! Before I spend any money on security, maybe I will go with my Mom to work and pee on every surface possible. That should do the trick. It has not worked super well for me at home, but my Mom is always watching me! Why do you think she does that? Anyway, just a warning to the little dogs who are thinking of sneaking into my territory, you are facing security and pee, the likes of which you have never seen!

Armed and Dangerous!

Friday, March 20, 2015


Most of you know that my Mom has adopted a few rescues and that I was less than enthusiastic to have them join our household. You see I just didn’t want to share any affection that I might be getting from my parents with them and I certainly didn’t want them eating any of my food. I don’t look at this so much as selfishness, but self preservation. I will admit that having the new dogs has not been that big of a deal. I am still incredibly spoiled and no one gets anywhere near my food. I would like to think that is because of my fierce demeanor and no nonsense look that I have on my little dog face, but the truth is that my Mom feeds me in the closet. There is no one else in there but me, free to scarf at my leisure. OK so this little story is not supposed to be about me…I just wanted to share with you some cool things that have been happening with one of the rescues named Lacey…..
When she first arrived, she took forever to eat her food. (I offered to help her out a few times.) Now she eats like she graduated from the “Chuck’s School of Feeding Frenzy.”
She would not take treats from my Mom. (I also offered some assistance with this, but my Mom said no.) Now she daintily takes the treat and runs off to eat it and comes back for more.
She would not let anyone pick her up very easily. She would back into a corner and make them come and get her. Now she runs up to my Mom waiting to be picked up and carried around like a show dog!
I don’t think she had ever had toys before. She was scared of them at first and now she has her favorite fuzzy toy and she squeaks it until I am ready to howl!
All of these things add up to a happy dog who is no longer afraid and I actually kind of like having her around. (Please don’t tell her that I said that! I have a reputation you know!)

Happy Tails To You!
Adopt a Shelter Pet!

Friday, March 13, 2015


As a little dog without a watch, I must say that the whole concept of changing the time seems sort of silly. I watch my parents go around and change all of the clocks and I don’t know why. Was there something wrong with the other time? Do we now get something that we didn’t have before because the clocks are different? All I know is if you spend most of your time under a blanket, there is not a big concern over an extra hour of daylight. Day time, night time, who knows, it is dark under my blanket and it stays that way without me having to use my little step stool to change any clocks! Now I will say that we animals are confused as to whether it is dinner time or do we have to wait for a new time? Will we get fed earlier now that the clocks are different? Will we have a bigger dinner since there is so much more light to see what is going in our dishes? These are just some questions frolicking around in my little brain. I don’t expect any answers on this subject because I can’t imagine any reason to give up an entire hour of sleep, EVER! So whatever explanation you give will fall on deaf ears since I can’t hear much under my blanket anyway!

No explanation needed!

Friday, March 6, 2015


As a little dog, it is hard for me to be a pack leader or even a dog of influence, but there is one area that I have had a huge impact on my fellow dogs who share my housing space. You are probably thinking that they all want their own blog. No. You might then think that they wish they could scarf up their dinner as fast as me. No. The next option would be that they wish they could be as popular as me. No. They don’t seem to care about any of those things which is ridiculous of course. They should be envious of me and my success and wish that they could shrink themselves down to a cool Chihuahua size, but they are content with their mundane existence and have no aspirations beyond the next meal. (one that they can’t eat as fast as me) The thing that I am talking about involves howling. When I hear a noise or my parents are coming home, I tilt my little big head back and howl like a practiced coyote. It doesn’t take very long and the big dogs are doing it too. It is like a howling Broadway musical in my house and you can probably hear it from miles away. I am proud of this little influence that I have. I am the lead howler, the instigator and the choir director. It is an important job and I am just the dog to howl up to the plate if you know what I mean!

Little Howler

Friday, February 27, 2015


I am what like 6 feet tall? I could be looking at a new basketball career!
I like me as a taller dog. I am regal and impressive. I am intimidating and imposing. I can see it now….. All of the big dogs running from me in fright because I am bigger and better. I will now be able to see out windows and leap easily onto the big bed. I can jump onto the counter and snarf up all of my Dad’s prepared meals while his back is turned. I can open the refrigerator with ease and gobble up the cold snacks. I can almost reach the peephole on the front door and look that UPS guy right in the eye when he tries to sneak those packages onto my porch. Then I will bark and howl and he will drive off swiftly leaving a cloud of dust or snow depending on the season. I will be able to fill my own treat ball and get it down from the shelf that it sits on. Yes, I like my tallness. (Is that a word?) Who cares, I am tall now, I can do anything! Irish Wolfhounds beware…tall Chuck is here!


Delusional Chihuahua 

Friday, February 20, 2015


There are just too many things that we little short dogs can’t do. We can’t get the food off of the counter unless someone pick us up and lets us scamper across it without interruption. I can reach dog underparts, but not so much with people. I see the big dogs do it all of the time so it must be fun, plus people don’t seem to like it so that sounds even more fun to me. We can’t jump in the car when it is time to go for a ride or jump out when we have reached our destination. We aren’t able to catch a frisbee as it would probably knock us out cold and don’t even try a baseball or a full size tennis ball….ouch! No fence jumping to look for greener pastures or other trouble that might exist outside the yard. You are probably wondering why I am even bringing this up, so here is the scoop. My friend Sabre had to have surgery on his throat and he needs to eat and drink with his food elevated. I was running around the kitchen and discovered these new high rise dishes and I tried to get up there to get me some food! Who wouldn’t right? Well not happening. I am just too short. I don’t like the word NO or the concept of not being able to do whatever I want to do. This is one of those times that I am denied! Please don’t cry, I am still holding out hope that a late birthday present will arrive. The step stool has become my most desired present. If you were busy last week for my birthday and are just now scrambling to get my gift, get me a step stool please! It should maybe have smaller steps, but more of them with carpet on them so my little feet don’t slip. I have to get up to those dishes!!!! Time is of the essence……

You do realize that I can't reach these dishes right?


Steppin Up

Friday, February 13, 2015


Will you be my Valentine?
and then you can buy me something from my Birthday list!
You wrote stuff down right? It is spelled H  A  M!
On February 16th, I will be turning sweet 6! If you ask my Mom, she thinks I am still acting like 6 months instead of 6 years. She is constantly awed and bewildered by my lack of maturity and personal growth as a dog. I still have ALL of my bad habits that I had at 6 months of age and I have added some new ones to my repertoire. I think that shows growth and maturity don’t you? I am just young at heart and I think that is an excellent trait for an aging 6 year old. I am hoping for a big birthday cake with my name written on top and candles made of Milk Bones. I would also like a can opener, an I-Phone, a portable heater and a step stool so that I can reach the handle on the refrigerator. Maybe a cooler filled with some tasty Chihuahua snacks, like ham! Are you writing this down? Please take a moment to do so. And just for the record, this is the first time I am mentioning my birthday in my blog, so we have some making up to do in the present department. I think that this blog should be retroactive so you owe me 6 presents. Yes you. Please do RUSH shipping or whatever to get my gifts to me on time. I am not having a public party this year, but maybe next year. I will then be able to add to my list of naughtiness and show off my personal growth.

Birthday Boy

PS: I am allowed to have more than one cake! Like maybe 6…….