Friday, July 18, 2014


Sometimes my Mom uses words that I think I know, but then it turns out completely different and I get confused. Take for instance the word Pedigree. This is a status that I myself am proud of. My Pedigree means that I am special and that I have come from a great line of amazing Chihuahuas (you knew that right?). Well there is another word that starts with Ped, but it ends with cure. That is right, Pedicure. This word is not so much fun and it doesn’t make me proud, it makes me snarky!  My Mom uses this word because she thinks it makes the idea of trimming my toenails sound like fun. Well it is no fun at all and I let her know just how much I hate it by trying to get in as many bites as I can while she is trying to do it. She in fact will wear big leather gloves so that I can’t get any good bites in. When she does this, I feel like one of those trained birds whose handler must wear gloves to protect themselves from the bird’s sharp talons. Like an eagle or a falcon.  In this case, it is my sharp teeth, but if my toenails haven’t been done in awhile I guess they are sort of like eagle talons. Maybe I should be proud that I am kind of like an eagle and maybe somebody will put pictures of me on flags and money and stuff. I am now feeling proud of my Pedicure!


Fly Like an Eagle  
The glove test...

Friday, July 11, 2014


I hear you people talking sometimes and I just don’t understand the whole process. One person says something, then the other person says something else and it seems like a little battle to get in that last word. This whole exchange could take place with no words at all if you were a dog. My friend Buck and I have a little wordless conversation a couple times per week and it goes something like this…..
We both go outside, he pees, I pee over his pee, he pees over my pee and then I pee over his. So guess who got the last word in? ME! Yes it is true. I am the dog conversation winner. I am the amazing speaker with the urinary vocabulary. If you want to have a meaningful conversation with someone, you should try this. There are usually no arguments, no misunderstandings, and the communication is crystal clear or a little yellow if you no what I mean! So start talking and I bet you can get in the last word! Bottoms up!


Spelling P Champion 2014

Hey, Buck thanks for always letting me get the last word (I am a blogger after all). Love, Chuck

Friday, July 4, 2014


Happy 4th of July to all of my friends! While I know there are many festivities and things happening on the big day, I myself will be manning the barbeque. Of course you are all invited to watch my grill magic and I might share some of my grilled food with you. I will then make a monster of a potato salad and I will be making a homemade cheesecake as well. Then to top everything off, I will light up some little Chihuahua size fireworks and set them off for all to see!
The above was an example of my overactive imagination and my secret fantasies that don’t always receive publicity. I don’t suppose it is very realistic to assume that I could actually reach the barbeque and that there would be any potatoes left to make a salad after I snarfed them all up. And please, do you think I would share any of my cheesecake with you? I am all into the holiday spirit, but it doesn’t make me any less of a selfish **$#@!
So Happy 4th of July and may all of your firework/food fantasies come true!


Little Sparkler
My Mom stuck a flag in the picture 'cus of the holiday and all,
not that it's edible, I already tried, it's not. It looks like candy to me what can I say.

Friday, June 27, 2014


You my adoring fans would tell me the truth wouldn’t you? Aren’t I the most special, the most loved Chihuahua on the planet? Okay, maybe the whole planet is a bit of a stretch. But who knows? The new little dog at my house is just making herself at home. (At my home!) She runs around all cute and stuff, my parents pick her up because of the cast on her leg. I just wonder if her leg is even really broken at all. It could be a fake cast designed to illicit sympathy and attention. I would resort to that if necessary! Nothing escapes my keen mind and sharp wit. I am going to have to reclaim my territory. The new little dog actually peed on my treat ball. This means war. No one pees on my treat ball and lives to tell about it! I may have to do some defensive peeing of my own. I can’t really hit a target very well, but I can get close! (My Mom will tell you a different story) I may have to resort to some other tactics that involve planting evidence or an undercover food bust. I won’t just sit idly by while the attention that belongs to me goes to some other cute little dog! I will keep you posted on my progress!


Territory King                      
This is my Dad (or at least I thought he was) and the new "baby".
Look at her innocent little squinty eyes.
I bet they'll try to buy her some special doggy sunglasses, next!!
This is 'Lacey' and MY friend 'Sabre', undoubtably plotting.
She's probably talking him into peeing on my head, 'cause she's not tall enough to do it herself.

Friday, June 20, 2014

G-O-A-L !!!

It is that time of year again for the World Cup of Soccer. For those of you who don’t know about it, I will explain it in a way that a Chihuahua could understand. This is a game where people chase their own people sized ball around on a field and try to kick it into a net. There are many obstacles to doing this and that includes a poor guy who has to wait patiently at the net until someone tries to get the ball in there. The funnest part of watching the World Cup is when my Dad jumps up off the couch and yells GOAL! That is when the food that was on his lap ends up in my mouth. After swallowing quickly I bark my support of the Mexican team! My Dad is kind of supporting the Italian team, but I really don’t care as long as there is jumping, yelling and food spillage! It can be an event for the entire family. In my case, it is a Chihuahua event that started when I was a young pup. My Dad would yell “goal” and I would bark like crazy. He thought that was so funny. I was simply supporting my team like a good fan would. Though to be honest, it really is all about the food. Any good sporting event has its share of snackable delights that are really easy to steal when someone isn’t paying attention. They are too focused on the sport and they will neglect the little feast that disappears when I am around. Food stealing should be a sport of its own and I would be going to the Little Dog Olympics!

Gold Medal Winning Food Stealer

and World Cup Fan

See how I seeeem to be totally enthralled with game but of course
I'm actually keeping an eye on the food. I'm so clever!!!

I'm waiting for that magic word. I want to see airborne food…
Come on boys, it's a pretty big net.